What does actually make chamber music interesting? The repertoire is certainly rich to a point that it’s easy to get lost: there are so many quartets and sonatas ! Nevertheless, it is a wonderful thing to have access to so much music, and the quality of the works has a great deal of influence on the chamber music experience.

What else? What has guided me in the season planning is the search for an experience. The experience of proximity with the musicians which fosters exchange; the experience of discovery, because there’s nothing like being transformed by the unpredictable; finally, the experience of the moment’s uniqueness, since a concert is much more than a piece or an interpretation, it is a shared experience.

In order to enjoy an experience of this level, we must be able to hear and see the musicians well. For that matter, Maison Symphonique and Salle Pierre-Mercure certainly won’t disappoint. As for discovery, not only will we have the opportunity to listen, for the first time in Montreal, to the Nevermind and Jay Campbell of this world, but the proposed programs will offer a great share of twentieth and twenty-first century music. And when the music turns out to be older, be assured that it will be interpreted with a sensibility that is utterly contemporary.

To conclude, Pro Musica Society proudly continues to support emerging young artists by presenting its well-loved Mélodînes Series at the Place des Arts, a unique occasion to discover Quebec’s next generation of classical musicians.

Without any form of irony: long live music!


Artistic coordinator