Cartes Blanches Series

A Note from the Artistic Director

For this new season, we invite you to rediscover a very special era in the history of music, where the emphasis has been placed on the figure of the artist, his life and emotions. A music that speaks to our soul, that frees our senses and our mind; I’m talking, of course, about music from the Romantic period! And this, through a brand-new series: the Carte Blanches.

The trials we have recently had to overcome, and are still facing today, remind us of how undeniably we are linked to each other, but also invite us to rethink the bridges between generations, cultures and eras.

In their own way, initiating the Cartes Blanches series, three renowned Canadian musicians, our contemporaries, our fellow citizens, our friends, will dialogue with the greatest composers of the Romantic period, offering us a unique opportunity to witness this deeply personal and intimate exchange.

Irina Krasnyanskaya
Artistic Director