Pro Musica’s mission is to showcase and promote the excellence of musicians from here and abroad in order to bring classical music closer to a wide range of communities. It serves as a stepping-stone for young Quebec and Canadian artists by encouraging the emergence of tomorrow’s great names. Pro Musica forges lasting ties between emerging generations, established artists and the artistic community, thereby contributing to the development of musicians and the growth of local musical communities.



A catalyst for talent, Pro Musica is a key player in the outreach and advancement of the local classical music community.

Pro Musica wishes to become a reference for the younger generation in classical music while contributing to the influence and professional development of young Quebec and Canadian musicians.

Pro Musica contributes to bringing together renowned artists and the most promising emerging musicians through concerts, collaborations and artistic activities marked by openness and inclusion.

Pro Musica contributes to the democratization of classical music through discovery, proximity and exchange.



Pro Musica’s flair, integrity and artistic quality, which have made its reputation over the years, remain at the heart of its mission.

Pro Musica is committed to its community with conviction. It stays on the lookout, mobilizes, innovates and shows boldness by promoting links between established or emerging artists, the public and the community.

Driven by a desire to make classical music more accessible, Pro Musica brings the artist closer to the audience by designing concert experiences that are welcoming, friendly and inspiring. By striving to extend the reach of this art form to the entire community, Pro Musica helps ensure that this field is no longer perceived as hermetic and hyper-specialized, but rather as open, diverse and inclusive.

Surpassing Oneself
Pro Musica cultivates in individuals the desire to surpass themselves in order to offer the best of classical music.