Denys Lortie

A Word from the Director

One sees clearly only with the heart.

Making a video dedicated to music means a lot to me, because this art form is an important part of my choices. It plays a major role in my life.

Music is like a friend, an accomplice, a lover that you’re never done discovering… It hides a thousand facets.

At certain points in your life, it can help you through harsh trials; in other circumstances, it’s an invitation to good cheer, accompanying you in moments of grace, of pure happiness.

When Pro Musica approached me to direct the audio-video recordings for Mélodînes, a series of concerts dedicated to our wonderful new generation of classical musicians, I took one listen to these young musicians and immediately hopped on the opportunity.

You’ll definitely have a great time sharing these magical moments with me!

When it comes to music, one sees clearly only with the heart.



Denys Lortie
Director, Mélodînes


Director/editor Denys Lortie has been working in the advertising and television industry for over 35 years. Alongside a wide range of advertisements to his credit, he gravitated to the television world to direct series such as Les Débrouillards (SRC), How It’s Made (Discovery Channel), Pignon sur rue and Les francs-tireurs (TQ).

He has also dabbled in fiction, directing films such as Nelligan, Les bums du paradis and Confessions de nuit.

Confessions de nuit – “A well-crafted and unpretentious film with some good emotional moments.” (Louise Blanchard, Journal de Montréal, 1995)

Les bums du paradis – Won two awards at the 28th Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival in 1992.

In making Pro Musica’s 2020-2021 Mélodînes series, this man of images and sound learned a lot about local young classical musicians, their worlds and their musical passions.


Preview– Concert Mélissa Tremblay (oboe) et Olivier Hébert-Bouchard (piano)
Production Denys Lortie – Montage Pascal Piché

Preview– Concert Krystina Marcoux (marimba) et Juan Sebastian Delgado (cello)
Production Denys Lortie – Montage Pascal Piché

Preview – Concert Bruno Gauthier-Bellerose (guitare)
Production / Montage Pascal Piché

Preview – Concert Viktor Lazarov (piano)
Production / Montage Pascal Piché

Preview – Concert Duo Cavatine (cello et piano)
production Denys Lortie  – Montage Pascal Pich